Thursday, 10 January 2013

Day 2

After passing Whiterun in the night, day breaks and I continue on my journey to Dragonbridge. I hope that
winged beast in the distance isn't flying over my route.

I hit Rorikstead, the last stop on my way to Dragonbridge, I meet a friendly little Huskie whilst passing through.

I believe that is a dragon. Yes, yes I am quite right that is a dragon, sorry Rorikstead but I must dash.
Run away from a dragon, meet three bandits. Today is not my day but luckily I can push these guys off quite easily, they don't look so tough.

That dragon on the other hand...

There's an arrow in my eye.

Oh boy that doesn't look at all like a bandit camp, no sir'ee.

They tried to welcome me with boulders! Full on sized boulders! That is extremely rude, time to say hello.

Ah, you must be the chief, please let me shove my sword through you. 

Ooh a trapdoor that leads to...absolutely nothing! How lovely.

Every now and again, something saddens you wandering the roads. There was an unlucky couple that sold rugs, the wife didn't want the husband to travel alone along the dangerous roads so she went with him. Didn't stop them getting ambushed by bandits. Such a shame, I wouldn't have killed the horse if I had met them.

I arrive at Dragonbridge, what's the bet that this Sam guy is in the local tavern.

Ah, a troll under a bridge, where have I heard that one before.

Running from the troll into the tavern I find Sam. I think I could have found this info out myself really.

She started it!

Waiting patiently biding his time, I meet the troll back at the door as I leave. Great.

The imperial soldiers did not like me bringing a troll into their village, I must make haste now.
Back over the mountains onto the other side of Skyrim? Why can't all the action be going on in one place.

A rainy day is better than a snowy day even if there is thunder and lightning.

Another lone shack in the wilderness? Guess it can't hurt to nose around.

A dog named Meeko and his previous owner was on his deathbed, how sad.

Meeko decides he wants to go on an adventure with me, can't complain, looks like another fort is up ahead, bandits or necromancers?

Yay necromancers.

After wiping out the necromancers, travelled back into the cold north of Skyrim. A wolfpack attacked. There were no other survivors but plenty of loot.
I needed a village, I have plenty of things to sell and need something to eat.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Day 1

Hi. The name's Claryth, I'm a Wood Elf and moved to Skyrim when I was very little. I lost both my parents and had to make my own way in life from a young age. I found others like me but we were outlaws. I decided this wasn't for me and now want to go out and see the world. 

The story begins...

I leave my camp and find a man who was ambushed by thieves. I helped him out and I told him my story, he said I should find out about the war in Solitude or Windhelm. 

I set out for Windhelm as it was the closest, I had to make my way up Darkwater River where it meets White River. But first I had to get down.

There was a faster route if I just passed through Eastmarch but I had heard of large winged beasts. I looked down and thought I saw some but it must have been my eyes playing tricks on me. I hurried down the mountain.

 Wolves, one of the many creatures that roam Skyrim that I will no doubt run into. Luckily a lone wolf is never too much of a problem and can be brushed away with ease.

Along the road I came across a fort. I knew I should have just walked past it keeping my distance but curiosity got the better of me and I was ambushed walking next to the wall by Magicians!

 As much as they can throw spells at me, they do not stop me running and impaling them on my sword. I may not have any specific skills but when you've had to fight for your territory against other bandits, you know how to handle a few pesky magicians.

 It looked like they were about to do some ritual but I interrupted. Probably for the best I had came past, they had already murdered enough guards.

 I spotted a cave next to a small waterfall but this time I didn't let my curiosity control me. I noticed goats heads on spikes and did not want to find out who or what made them.

A goats brave struggle against the fast flowing waters of the end of Darkwater River.

I noticed a small abandoned shack on the other side of the river, a giant was watching over it but I figured he wouldn't chase me as long as I kept my distance.

Better safe and sorry so I sneaked past the giant sticking close to the rocks although he was probably uninterested in the first place.

Downside, nobody was home, upside I found a treasure map and ate some Salmon!

Step into the northern region of Skyrim and all you will see is snow but at least it means I am closer to Windhelm.

A Talos shrine that hasn't been destroyed? The Imperials must have no strength here. I don't care much for the Gods but I will leave the shrine untouched.

The great walls of Windhelm mixed with the permanent winter was not very inviting, but I knew I was close to finding out more about the war.

Working hard even in these freezing conditions, I wonder why? They were friendly enough and pointed me towards the local inn.

The natives of Skyrim are sceptical of anything that isn't made of metal or wood. Even though I was an elf interested in magic, she was nice enough to point me towards Kynesgrove and to find a man named Sam.

It's getting late now and darkness will soon fall but I arrived at Kynesgrove in one piece.

Dammit! Sam isn't here and spends the majority of his time on the other side of Skyrim, apparently I had just missed him so maybe I could catch him on the road, if not I will find him at Dragon Bridge.

Ugh, it's pitch black nearly, I can barely see a thing and I don't have a torch, I won't be risking any shortcuts until morning comes again.

A majestic white horse stands in front of me, there aren't many other places you can find wild horses but I don't think anybody can tame the wilds of Skyrim, not even the empire.